This is the mandatory 40-hour course for most industries (except construction and maritime) for safety officers or others whose work revolves or involves OSH. It tackles basic concepts, principles, practices and local laws on OSH. It assists participants in the recognition of hazards, effects of such to human bodies when uncontrolled, the range of control measures and components of OSH program to put such measures in place.

Safety Officer 1 (SO1)

Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing for Penalties for Violations.

Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH)

This 40-hour course is the mandatory training for designated safety officers, safety representatives and sustaining technical employees (STEs such as licensed engineers and architects) of construction firms in the Philippines. It tackles key concepts, principles, practices and local laws that are foundational knowledge requirements in the industry.

8-hour Mandatory OSH

This training is designed to capacitate workers/employees of industries / construction companies. This training aims to make them fully aware of the basic principles and the importance of occupational safety and health in relation to their day to day activities in their workplace. It will give insights to the designated personnel on the enforcement system / Occupational Safety and Health Legislation as mandated for by R.A. 11058.


Training of Trainers
24 hours
A course to assist those whose work is to communicate safety be better trainers from conception, design, delivery and assessment of trainings.
Loss Control Management (LCM)
40 hours

An advanced OSH course for accreditation as safety consultant.
Safety Program Audit (SPA)
24 hours

An OSH course on the concepts and practices on safety program auditing using OHSAS 18001 as main reference.
Technical Safety
8 hours

Safety can be improved over all phases of a project, from concept selection through to operations.
Confined Space Safety
8 hours

An OSH course especially for those whose work places are classified as confined spaces which include :
  • the use of measuring instrument
  • donning and doffing of SCBA
Job Hazard Analysis / HIRAC
8 hours

The Job Hazard Analysis tool is used to identify how to perform task step-by-step, any hazards associated with the task and controls to mitigate the hazards. The Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) is the process for managing hazards in the workplace or operational environment. It is the fundamental mechanism for ensuring a safe workplace, and underlies the basis of modern health and safety legislation.
Basic Occupational Safety and Health Awareness (BOSHA)
8 hours

Mandatory course for workers in an industry.
Construction Occupational Safety and Health Awareness (COSHA)
8 hours

Mandatory course for workers in the construction industry.
Heavy Equipment Safety
8 hours

Always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, safety glasses, sturdy boots and hard hats.
Chemical Safety Handling
8 hours

Awareness course on working safely with chemicals at work.
Working Safely at Heights
8 hours

Awareness course on working safely at heights.
Machine Safety
8 hours

Awareness course on working safely with machineries.
Gondola Safety
8 hours

Designed for gondola operators at construction sites to ensure safety in its operations. This training course is a prerequisite knowledge of a gondola operator prior to allowing or authorizing them to work on or operate this equipment.